My Clients Say...

  • Lifelong Lessons

    What I have learned with Sherri is not a short-term fix for a current set of issues. My learning has been deep and will last a lifetime. I really looked forward to meeting with Sherri – it was fun, interesting, and expansive.
    - Andrew Hamel, Vice President, Amazon

  • Transformational

    Sherri gave me feedback that was right on target as I was transitioning from individual contributor to leading a team.  Sherri is genuinely interested in doing what is best for her clients.  Her coaching was extremely valuable and in some cases transformational!
    - Peter Rizk, Senior Director, Technical Marketing & Solutions Architecture, Infoblox

  • Consistently Rated 'Outstanding'

    As good as she is at design, she is even better at presenting. Employees consistently rate her courses as outstanding.  I would not put together a training portfolio without one or two offerings from Sherri.
    - Terry Dyckman, Former Vice President Human Resources, Blue Coat Systems

  • Expert in Her Field

    Sherri is an expert in the field. Her deep content knowledge, direct communication, and strong ability to synthesize contribute to her success as a trainer and a coach.
    - Chantal Laurie-Below, Leadership Coach, Redcliff Coaching

  • Unique Talent

    Sherri’s team building sessions and decision-making workshops at my previous company helped me form a strong team under the most challenging conditions. Sherri has a unique talent for capturing the essence of a group's dynamics and coming up with solutions to resolve issues.
    - Erik Möllerstedt, Technical Program Manager, Waymo

  • Relevant, Credible and Highly Engaging

    Sherri is an exceptional curriculum designer because she takes the time to understand the specific requirements of the project and then applies her real world experiences to ensure that the course is relevant, credible and highly engaging.
    - Terry Dyckman, Former Vice President Human Resources, Blue Coat Systems

  • Extremely Valuable Coach

    In addition to being a bright spot in my day, Sherri has been extremely valuable to me as a management coach.  She is exceptionally good at finding simple, straightforward actions I can take to make quick improvements in several areas.
    - Russ Reynolds, Senior Director, Firmware, Micron Technology

  • A Trusted Partner

    I am fortunate to have had the benefit of Sherri as a coach. She is a trusted partner who will not shy away from delivering a difficult message that will result in positive change. And she frames issues in a manner that is both personal and useful. Work with her, if you can.
    - Bennett Yang, Senior Staffing Manager,

About Sherri Rose

sherri-rose-web-newSherri Rose has over 25 years of experience coaching and developing leaders in companies worldwide. She works with individuals and teams to strengthen their performance, helps companies create organization development strategies, and designs and delivers training programs.

Sherri spent 10 years in training and development at Apple Inc.  As senior manager at Apple University, she was responsible for worldwide management, employee, and career development.  During her tenure, she coached executives and high potential leaders and led Apple’s first corporate succession planning and career development process for executives.

Prior to joining Apple, Sherri was an Assistant Professor of Management and Decision Sciences at Mt. Vernon College in Washington, DC.  She also worked for KPMG as a management consultant.  Sherri has her M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Sherri has been a facilitator for the Interpersonal Dynamics course at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and has taught management and organizational behavior in the College of Business at San Jose State University. Through The Coaching Fellowship, she helps young women entrepreneurs grow their social impact organizations. Sherri is certified in SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) and PDI PROFILOR assessments.